Hard Chrome

We are specialists in plating and polishing of mold, tools, and dies, and are committed to supplying the best in chromium plating.

Hard Chrome Plating Services

Every base metal has a unique process when it comes to the commercial application of chromium plating and mold plating. With the capacity to chrome-plate up to 10-ton parts and with the technical skills for the smallest detailed inserts, we are confident that the chromium plating needs of your company will be met at Erie Hard Chrome.

Over the years, Erie Hard Chrome has been committed to supplying the best in chromium plating. Within our traditional chrome line, we offer several precision processes in a number of buildup levels and surface finishes.

Hard Chrome Plating Finishes

  • Polished Chrome
  • Smoke Chrome
  • Satin Finish Hard Chrome
  • Precision Flash Chrome
  • Hard Chrome Buildup
  • Marvalloy "Hard Chrome Impregnation" (TDC)
  • Micro Tuff™

Hard Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating Process

Mold Plating

Setting an anode on a mold for mold plating.

Polishing Machine

Placing a part into a polishing machine.

Chrome Plating Bath

Rinsing a part after removal from a chrome plating bath.