All of our plating processes meet the specifications and requirements of industry standards including ISO, FDA and more.

Industrial Plating Standards

Environmental Regulations

Just as we have a responsibility to our customers, Erie Hard Chrome has a responsibility to the environment. Our hard chrome and electroless nickel plating operations include complete air emissions control and wastewater treatment facilities so that we meet or exceed applicable DEP and EPA standards.

ISO Certification

Erie Hard Chrome is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 standards, providing assurance of the efficiency and excellence of our industrial plating processes, and in the quality of the parts and components provided to customers of our industrial plating company.

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FDA Guidelines

All ingredients in Micro Tuff are on the FDA approved List of "Indirect" Additives Used in Contact Substances for use with foods, food additives, medical devices, and drugs. Using Micro Tuff Polymer on molds, tooling dies, and related manufacturing components qualify as indirect usage