Thin Dense Chrome Benefits

Marvalloy will not chip, crack, flake, peel or separate from the base metal under the standard bend test.

Benefits of Marvalloy TDC Plating

There are many known benefits of hard chrome plate impregnation. Hard chrome plate impregnation is also known as thin dense chrome plating or Marvalloy TDC plating. TDC plating is effective in increasing wear resistance in sliding surface contacts. It also provides excellent erosion and corrosion resistance.

The micro-surface composition of thin dense chrome aids in lubricant dispersion, enhancing the base metal to the degree of reducing or eliminating galling, seizing and high friction. TDC plating is ideal for a wide range of installations and environments.

Thin Dense Chrome PlatingIncreased Wear Life

Marvalloy has rewritten the specifications of leading machine tool rebuilders by establishing new standards of accuracy through greatly increasing the life and extending the serviceability of ways. Coincidental savings are being affected by easier machining and use of lighter materials.

Improved Quality that Reduces Maintenance

Experience with grinders, lathes, sharpeners, milling machines, drill presses and other machine tools show that bearing areas of Marvalloy wear IN - not out. Processing rolls are another example of the ability of the TDC plating process to improve quality and extend operating life. When using TDC plating - tolerances are maintained, finish is improved, downtime and maintenance costs are reduced to new lows.

Manufacturing Economies

The use of Marvalloy TDC plating is practical and economical for single unit or volume production requirements. It is successfully used on unusual shapes such as intricate castings and extrusions.

Maintains Accuracy

Those responsible for product performance are utilizing Marvalloy TDC plating to answer today's increasingly difficult demands involving exacting design, production, and service requirements. Dramatic results are being obtained through improved performance of machine tools, hydraulic powered equipment, rolls, missiles, computers, space components and many other fields where accuracy and long life are essential.