Thin Dense Chrome

Marvalloy is an extremely hard electrodeposited chromium and produces a superior degree of adherence and uniformity.

Marvalloy TDC Plating

Marvalloy TDC PlatingErie Hard Chrome offers Marvalloy TDC plating, otherwise known as thin dense chrome plating. Designed for "Super Performance", Marvalloy, or thin dense chrome, is an extremely hard electrodeposited chromium that is applied by a rigidly controlled process to produce a superior degree of adherence and uniformity that is not attainable by conventional chromium plating.

A matte finish proprietary process of Erie Hard Chrome, Marvalloy TDC plating provides exceptional durability and reduced friction with little or no size change. Marvalloy increases wear resistance in sliding surfaces, yielding long life and reducing maintenance.

Low build up levels and highly uniform dispersion help eliminate the need for undersized design and post-process machining. Marvalloy TDC plating has a hardness of 72 Rockwell C and is compatible with most ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Thin Dense Chrome Application Versatility

Thin dense chrome will not affect a buildup of more than .0001" unless otherwise requested, eliminating the need for undersize design calculations in most applications. Marvalloy TDC plating is comparable with most ferrous and nonferrous metals, allowing maximum design selection of base materials.

Marvalloy TDC plating is recommended as a finished process, eliminating additional grinding and secondary operations. Marvalloy quality is constant with any given base metal, ensuring design reproducibility.

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